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About Us


Welcome to One Stop Rave. We are Shane and Jenn, a raver couple who transformed our passion for self-expression and rave culture into a unique small business. In 2018, in our modest two-bedroom apartment, our dream started to take shape. I, Jenn, a self-taught graphic designer balancing a full-time job as an open heart surgical tech, decided to take a leap of faith with Shane. Together, we launched our first product: hand fans, capturing the spirit of the rave community we love so much.


Our journey was filled with long days and nights, juggling our regular jobs and our growing business. But in 2019, we decided to dedicate ourselves fully to One Stop Rave. Shane quit his job, and we moved into his parents’ house to afford this bold move. Our home quickly transformed into a bustling hub of creativity, with sewing machines, laser cutters, and products filling every available space. We also did our first collab with Omnom creating his "Number One Fans" merch for one of his hit songs.


In 2020, we invested in our first laser cutter, expanding our capabilities and product line. Everything we created, from jewelry to clothes, and hand fans to pashminas, was designed and handmade by us, ensuring authenticity and quality. When the pandemic hit, our rave face masks, already up on Etsy, completely took off for reasons unexpected. This unexpected surge was a catalyst, propelling us forward and proving the value of our hard work.


In 2021, our commitment paid off. I, Jenn, finally left my career to focus on One Stop Rave full-time. We moved into our own warehouse and handled our first big wholesale orders from iHeartRaves and Area 15. We also upgraded to a more industrial laser cutter, furthering our ability to create unique, quality products.


In 2022, we reached new heights, introducing a full catalog of clothing that included jerseys, cloaks, bodysuits, two pieces, t-shirts, shorts, and hats. We also launched hand fan holsters and mini hand fans, expanding our product range and catering to the diverse needs of our community. Investing in a more industrial laser cutter, we were able to enhance our production capabilities and maintain the high quality of our handmade products.


Today, we stand proud of what One Stop Rave has become. It’s still just the two of us, working tirelessly every day for 10 hours, with no days off; but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve transformed every aspect of our lives to nurture this brand, moving from apartments to houses, and finally to our own warehouse.

Every product you see is a piece of us, designed and created with love and an unwavering dedication to the rave community. We invite you to explore, to find a piece of our journey that speaks to you. Welcome to One Stop Rave, a brand born from passion, resilience, and two ravers' dream.

Our Mission

At One Stop Rave, we know the struggle of finding rave apparel that caters to your individuality and creative taste. That’s why our mission is to provide you with high-quality gear and accessories to suit your unique style and suit your budget. We know how much raving means to you and the deep connection you have with the scene so we want to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to create an individual look that you’ll feel confident and proud to show off.

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