One Stop Rave

Flash Reflective Fan Holster

$20.00 USD

This Flash Reflective Fan Holster¬†is a great way to carry your fan around hands-free! ūüôĆ

It comes with two adjustable elastic buckle straps that you can place around your waist¬†and thigh for a leg holster, or you can connect the two straps (or use one) to create¬†a belt holster! You can also put your straps aside and¬†attach¬†the holster to any strap(s) you may have, such as a fanny¬†pack and¬†viola! This holster is¬†exceptionally versatile. Did we mention it is also flash reactive?! ūü§©

(Hand fan not included, sold separately)

NOTE: These straps are elastic and do stretch!

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