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Shroom Beach CanvasShroom Beach Canvas
Shroom Beach Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Shroom House CanvasShroom House Canvas
Shroom House Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Jedi Flip CanvasJedi Flip Canvas
Jedi Flip Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Hallucinogenic Harmony CanvasHallucinogenic Harmony Canvas
Hallucinogenic Harmony Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Cosmic Cap Crossing CanvasCosmic Cap Crossing Canvas
Cosmic Cap Crossing Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Mushroom Astrology CanvasMushroom Astrology Canvas
Mushroom Astrology Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Lost In Dreams CanvasLost In Dreams Canvas
Lost In Dreams Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Apollo CanvasApollo Canvas
Apollo Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Psychedelic Skull Sanctuary CanvasPsychedelic Skull Sanctuary Canvas
Psychedelic Skull Sanctuary Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR
Mushroom Land CanvasMushroom Land Canvas
Mushroom Land Canvas Sale priceFrom €41,95 EUR

Psychedelic Wall Art

Transform your space into a portal to the psychedelic with One Stop Rave's collection of Psychedelic Wall Art. Featuring canvas prints inspired by the same mesmerizing, psychedelic art found on our clothing and accessories, this range is designed to bring the vibrant energy of rave culture into your home or studio. Each piece is a burst of color and creativity, echoing the freedom and spirit of rave parties and music festivals. From the intricate patterns that dance across the fabric of our apparel to the captivating designs that now adorn these canvases, every print is exclusive to One Stop Rave, ensuring your decor stands out as much as your festival outfit. Perfect for music enthusiasts and art lovers alike, our Psychedelic Wall Art collection invites you to immerse yourself in the visual symphony of the rave scene every day.

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