Our Story

One Stop Rave was founded in 2018 by Shane and Jenn, a couple who met through the love of raving. After many raves and festivals, they realized how much money was wasted on low-quality gear and accessories from overseas fast-fashion companies. That’s when the idea of One Stop Rave was founded, an American-based merchandise company made by ravers for ravers.


Our Mission

One Stop Rave is a shop for people of all shapes, sizes, and shades to find custom, high-quality materials that you can wear to the store or the show. Our shop is a space where we encourage and appreciate self-expression and individuality. Our community is a judgment-free zone where we can express ourselves the way we choose as long as no harm is done. Whether you’re a full-time festival goer or just a unique colorful soul, we hope our brand speaks to you and allows you to be your true self. Venture into the unknown with us. We’re all aliens with One Stop Rave!