Magic Mushroom Reflective Fan Holster


This Magic Mushroom Flash Reflective Fan Holster is a great way to carry your fan around hands-free! 🙌

This excellent fan holster will reflect rainbow colors when flashing lights are shined on it! This fan will appear black when not in direct bright lights. It comes with two adjustable elastic buckle straps that you can place around your waist and thigh for a leg holster, or you can connect the two straps (or use one) to create a belt holster! You can also put your straps aside and attach the holster to any strap(s) you may have, such as a fanny pack and viola! This holster is exceptionally versatile. Did we mention it is also flash reactive?! 🤩 

(Hand fan not included, sold separately)

NOTE: The holster straps are elastic and do stretch! Each holster comes with one medium strap (15 in - 25 in) and one large strap (21 in - 38 in.) For more strap options, please visit this link - Holster Straps